Our Initiatives

Feed The Needy

From the early days of human civilization, our forefathers have passed on values of spirituality and well-being through Yoga, on us and our brothers and sisters. As Indians, we believe that we have immense potential in ourselves to be self-sustainable and content.



It saddens us to see that our fellow brothers and sisters are on the streets, who are not able to afford even a morsel of healthy, nutritious food.

Our Initiative Feed the Needy is aimed at feeding our brothers and sisters. With all our love and heart, we make efforts to feed some on the streets, if not all.


Save Our Cows

Indian culture has always promoted the well being of fellow brothers and sisters and animals. Our forefathers have treated humans and animals equally, and have regarded mother nature as our home. Today we do not pay a considerable amount of attention to the way we treat animals, especially cows.

Our Initiative - Save Our Cows is an attempt to spread awareness about cows, save them and nurture them as our own. Saving our cows is the need of the day. The ancient culture regarded cow as precious. It was given a Godly status for many reasons. It’s been said that there has been no animal in the history of this planet that has been so beneficial to us. Cows have helped us with various aspects of life such as food, nutrition, medicines, agriculture and ecological balance.



Cows are the facilitators of organic farming, they serve as the backbone of Indian agriculture and are the providers of various healthy and nutritious milk and milk products. A2 milk sourced from indigenous cow breeds is extremely beneficial for our health. It is known to be better than A1 milk which is sourced from other crossbred cow breeds.


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