Know the Harmfull Effects of Agarbatti Before You Light It Again

June 10, 2021

Agarbatti is a significant part of all Indian rituals. The best way to use Agarbatti is within a well-ventilated area. Organic agarbatti and dhoop is the tradition of India. Many people use chemical agarbatti, which is harmful. Here, we are going to reveal some facts of agarbatti and recommend using organic and chemical-free agarbatti.


Is Chemical Agarbatti Smoke Harmful?

Well, the fume of chemical agarbatti adds pollution in your house. It is more harmful than a cigarette. So, this can be more harmful to young children and sick people. This can lead to lung infection and many other diseases.

Avoid excessive use of chemical agarbatti. But instead use organic agarbatti and dhoop.


Disadvantages of Chemical Agarbatti

There has been lengthy criticism about the side effects of agarbatti. So the fundamental question comes in our mind: is agarbatti harmful for health?

Yes, agarbatti is inevitably harmful to small children, pregnant women, and cancer patients.

This is harmful to asthma patients. It pollutes the air with chemicals. However, organic dhoop and agarbatti are pollution-free and produced from natural ingredients like ghee, cow dung cakes, and herbs.

  • A pregnant woman should constrain from getting in touch with agarbatti smoke, not even in the temple and other venues. It is harmful to the newborn, as well.
  • Many people say the odor from chemical agarbatti is terrible.
  • But none can deny the advantages and functional effects of organic agarbatti. People who focused on the disadvantages have forgotten the benefits of natural and organic agarbatti.


Advantages of Organic Agarbatti

The organic agarbatti, made from natural ingredients such as flower powder, camphor, cow dung, ghee, sandalwood powder has several benefits.


Spiritual Healing and Positive Influence

The smell of those herbal agarbatti invokes a divine consciousness and positive vibration during meditation. Organic agarbatti is an excellent healing tool to enhance spiritual divinity and purity.

It also helps in releasing negative energies and thoughts. So cow dung agarbatti is an essential ingredient in many temples, houses, and meditation centers and yoga camps.


Enhancing Concentration and Confidence

Cow dung agarbatti with sandal power also helps to develop a sense of mental awareness. It purifies the air surrounding the monks. The best Indian example is jewellery shops. The shop owners have to spend long hours on the microscope, so they use agarbatti to concentrate on their work.

This is also helpful for students and educators. The ingredients like ghee and cow dung are used in Agnihotra also because it has purification and healing power. This organic agarbatti and dhoop are similar to those of homas.


Significant Part of Aromatherapy

Chemical-free agarbatti plays a vital role in medication and Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the way of practice to calm down the heart rate and soothe the nerves. This helps in reducing the blood pressure in the muscles and enabling muscle relaxation.

Herbal agarbatti helps in this therapy. Here, the herbal dhoop provides relief, comfort, and helps to meditate for a while.


Healthy Diet for The Brain

The herbal agarbatti and dhoop increases positive energy and drives away negative energies. With enhanced focus, mental awareness, and consciousness, it boosts up confidence before a big day. Thus as a healthy brain diet, it reduces any internal fears and helps a person to succeed. It also brings more creativity, motivation, and energy.

Antibacterial Properties of Herbal Agarbatti

It helps in sterilizing the environment and keeping it clean. It is also a disinfectant, used in many temples, houses, and hospitals. Different agarbattis have different fragrances, and the effectiveness depends on the quality and ingredients.

Our organic and chemical-free agarbatti has natural ingredients like temple flowers powder, sandal powder, dried cow dung, and ghee- all have the disinfectant and purifying properties.

Alleviate Depression and Anxiety

It directly affects the brain areas, known to be involved in handling emotions, depressions, and nervous systems. It enhances the brainpower and works as an anti-depression drug. It also induces sleep, a perfect herbal medicine for insomnia patients. Thus it helps to develop the overall performance of surrounding people.

Control Blood Pressure and Heal Wounds

The herbal ingredients also lower the blood pressure and protect against the risks of heart attack, stock, and different ailments. Our herbal ingredients, like sandal powder and pure havan ingredients, have the properties of healing wounds.

Yes, it is a surprising effect that we incorporate in our products. It activates specific olfactory receptors and keratinocytes and heals wounds by stimulating Keratin.

However, we know that it has several benefits that promise one a healthier lifestyle as well as fills our home with mesmerizing fragrances, purity, and positivity.

Agarbattis has been a part of traditional Indian rituals. We know the diverse use of it. Worshipping is not only the sole use of herbal agarbatti, and it is treated as a herbal medicine in India. Even more, the benefits of cow dung agarbatti, agnihotra agarbatti,  organic agarbatti  and cow dung dhoop stick are widely accepted not only for pooja but also to cleanse the air inside the home and for Aromatherapy.

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