All about Panchagavya Ghrita (Nasal Drops) as per Ayurveda

June 10, 2021

All about Panchagavya Ghrita (Nasal Drops) as per Ayurveda

Panchagavya Ghritha in Sanskrit meaning – {Pancha- Five}, {Gavya-ingredients}, {Gritha-Ghee}

Panchagavya Gritha is a classical ayurvedic medicine for many diseases particularly for disorders/illness above the neck which includes the brain, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and neck.


Maharishi Agnivesa writes in Charaka Samithha about psychological weakness and categorizes it into 2 separate chapters Unmad and Apasmar.

Unmad meaning – State of mind that is weak, easily stressed, and tentative.

Apasmar meaning – Angry, Exaggerated, uncontrollable emotion and excited state of mind.

Charika Samitha talks about these two categories of issues and stresses mainly on ghee and its benefits in solving these issues particularly because of its quality of oiliness.

Wondering what is so special about ghee? Keep reading……..

Scientifically our body and brain are separated by BBB (Blood Brain Barrier). Unlike other parts of the body, the only doorway for the brain is through the nose, and the BBB lets inside only the lipid particles (oily in nature). So, if you see ghee is considered to be the best lipid scientifically.

Charika Samitha talks about a special type of ghee called panchagavya ghee which can practically cure brain-related issues.


What is panchagavya ghee?

Panchagavya Gritha or Panchagavya ghee is a mixture of milk, curd, cow urine, cow dung oil and cow ghee. This ghee is the best ayurvedic medicine for people who work under stress, weak immune, weak immune and lack focussed mind.


How is Panchagavya Gritha Prepared?

The concoction of all the five elements is heated on mild fire using wood until everything evaporates leaving away powerful ayurvedic ghee behind.

Gritha are of two types, one which can be used as ghee nasal drops and the second for internal consumption.

Benefits of Panchagavya Ghritha Nasal Drops:

  • Cures disorders related Brain, eyes and bone marrow nerves.
  • Balances Vata pitta and kapha.
  • Helps to overcome from Recurring cold, cough, migraine and sinus issues.
  • Address lack of sleep and depression problems
  • Improves memory and calms down the brain
  • Enhances the nervous system


Benefits of Panchagavya ghrit

  • The ghee does wonders for both Vata and Pitta body type:
  • Helps overcome weak/lean body type, weak immunity and tentative state of mind.
  • Overcome physical weakness.
  • Improves body weight for vata body type
  • Lubricates bone joints and helps to overcome joint problems & arthritis
  • A good aid for dry throat, dry skin and psoriasis


Other Silent Benefits:

  • Since Gritha also carries some amount of gomutra, it works in removing toxins from the body that has been accumulated from bad food and addictions.
  • Purifies blood and enhances liver function.
  • If people who are talking psychiatric treatment can certainly consume this ghee and over the period, and it may help to get away from anti-depression tablets.
  • People suffering from bone issues



Panchagavya Ghee consumption: 10- 20 gm daily in the morning in warm water or Pure cow milk.

Panchagavya Ghee Nasal Drops: 2 drops in each nostril before bed.

Overall panchagavya gritham is a classic medicine to cure illness naturally

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